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SBI – the Feedback framework

THINK before you Speak

General Adaptation Syndrome (a stress management framework)

Create Emotional Bank Accounts (EBA)

How to enrich yourself during lockdown

21 tips on working remotely from home

Positive affirmations (in crisis times)


Growth mindset

Be Resilient

Don’t underestimate yourself

OKRs: Objectives and Key Results

Corporate Sessions & Motivational Talks

Motivational talks to 1000s of audience members, corporate workshops, interactive lectures at educational institutions, and student expert information on television programs

Corporate Presentation Skills: Rule of 3

Anchoring the Hyderabad Directors/CEOs Forum Inaugural Meet on 27th Aug 2011

Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology – Listening Skills in Coaching

Revathi Turaga training on “Happiness Work” at Satyam Computers (Mahindra Satyam) in March 2009

Revathi Turaga training on steps to fulfil dreams and achieve goals at ICBM college, Hyderabad in 2010

Revathi Turaga teaching conversation and dining etiquette on eTV program ‘Andamaina Bhamalu’ in November 2009.

Coaching Methods to enhance Student Performance – GRIET

Self Motivation IMPACT2012

Small Changes, Big Results Servcorp

Listening Skills by Revathi Turaga at IMPACT 2013

Appreciation Skills @IMPACT2014

Achieving Goals @ IMPACT Tirupathi

Art of Listening @ HMTV Career Times

Time Management in eTV Life Manasa Program – Dec 2017

Sriharikota – August 2017

How to be Happy NOW in eTV Life Manasa Program –4th Oct 2017

SVUCE College 20years Reunion – July 2017

Positive Attitude in HMTV ASK Talks Program – Nov 2017

Tips for Successful Interviews in HMTV JaiHo Success Mantra Program – Dec 2017

Overcoming Worry in HMTV ASK Talks Program – Dec 2017

Seeing and Learning in HMTV ASK Talks Program – Dec 2017

Unleash the Power Within using NLP – SCSAA – Dec 2017

BHEL Women’s Day 2018 3km walk

Be an effective Leader: HMTV on 15th April 2018

How to Appreciate @ HMTV on 9th Feb 2018

Making Learning Easy in HMTV ASK Talks on 3rd Oct 2018

Listening Skills @ HMTV on 13th Oct 2018

Positive Powerful Feedback @ HMTV on
10th Nov 2018

Corporate Presentation Skills: Body Langauge and Tone

Book Reading by Revathi – “You have the Power” & “Unlock” on 12th Jan 2019

How To Turn Fear Into Power in HMTV ASK talks on 8th Jan 2019

Simple ways to manage Stress in HMTV ASK talks on 17th Jan 2019

@ Silver Oaks School

M.R.P. of Relationships at NRSC/ISRO on Engineer’s Day 2011

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THINK Before you Speak in HMTV ASK Talks on
30th Oct 2018

Change Management in Tamil in June 2013

Don’t underestimate yourself @ VSoft AHM2019 talk