Simple and easy to implement techniques to increase self- awareness and succeed at work and in life

An ICF-ACC (International Coaching Federation – Associated Certified Coach), trained on the competencies and skills of executive, leadership, behavioral, and life coaching, Revathi is also certified to administer and debrief internationally acclaimed psychological profiling tools and psychometric assessments like PAPI, DISC, MBTI, Thinking Pattern, Color Brain, SOSIE, 16PF and all levels of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer Certifications from NFNLP, U.K…

A post graduate in counseling psychology, she has coached over 40,000 students across schools and colleges throughout the nation on all aspects of soft skills training to enhance employability and entrepreneurship for the youth. She mentored over 1000 participants and assisted them through a 6 month period of training on the methodology of cyclic learning and application, through a varied range of behavioral and personality concepts, to enhance their performance at work – aligned with the organization and business needs.

Coaching for Leaders

Leadership attitudes & mentoring skills and techniques to help self and others succeed at work

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Business mindset, innovative strategies & solutions for financial growth and successful implementation of projects

Coaching for Fitness

Technical concepts & mental strength exercises to plan and achieve health targets in all 5 areas of fitness

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