Learning Initiatives & Projects

  • An integral part of Talent Transformation team of Wipro Technologies, we cater to various behavioral and competency developmental needs of the organization and the business in the areas of communication and interpersonal skills, relationship management, personal productivity and self awareness, by designing, developing, standardizing, assessing, organizing, and delivering trainings (both in-house and internationally acclaimed programs), by using a huge pool of audio visual resources to the approx. 55,000 employees across locations of WIPRO
  • Intervention by Deputation for 3 weeks – Consulting to the specific client account in Wipro, by developing and implementing a strategic plan to align Wipro with the client’s action plans, measurement, timelines, and results – with focus on smoothening communication and delivery channels of information and solutions, based on specific feedback from the customers. This enabled the Wipro-client team to strengthen and engage in confident ownership and response in communications, leading to quicker and on-time deliveries, thus establishing us as an active sponsor and participant in the client’s business, and sustaining steps towards a longstanding and mutual goal of being a 'strategic trusted business partner' –  April 2004
  • Behavioral Day event – Coordinated and organized, with a team of 15, a whole day event of behavioral programs including some like the 8th habit by FranklinCovey Institute; invited eminent speakers such as Dr. Thimmappa Hegde, video based learning from the world’s greatest organizations, assessments and book stalls, etc –  responsible and validated for the equipment, infrastructure, campaigning, and eventual success of the event – March 2005 

  • Enthuse – Created and facilitate a ½ day course on bringing energy to the workplace based on the 4 Fish! philosophies, and guided teams till implementation 

  • Ambassadors of the organization – Designed and organized the 1st batch for a 3 month curriculum of 10 days of intensive training to senior managers of specific accounts, and to engrave them as ambassadors for the organization 

  • Curriculum programs for prospective Future Managers – Mentored batches of  participants and assisted them through a 6 month period of 12 days of training on the methodology of cyclic learning and application, through a varied range of behavioral skills to enhance their performance at work – aligned with the organization and business needs of prospective future managers – helped them to develop a common platform of a learning forum

  • Intense coaching for Senior Managers – Aided in developing and organizing a series of international certificate programs, covered over a period of 6 continuous days as a residential course (to create an environment of focused learning) for senior managers, by understanding their training needs in the organization 

  • Reflections – Proactively created and co-facilitated a 2 hour program on reflecting learning and implementations of any earlier sessions 
  • Brain gain in the Indian IT Industry – Conducted a survey in Wipro Technologies, and analyzed the various training needs of returning Indians to the IT sector and how Wipro can help these employees blend easily into the Indian corporate culture – as a part of my PGDBM project in February 2006
  • GECPIDC Paperbacks – Founded and initiated a book club “Paperbacks” in Satyam, with an initial 22 members, with a mission to share knowledge and information about books that help us in enhancing our attitudinal skills. This is still active in the team with over 50 members today

  • Book Reviews – Created and delivered numerous book reviews over a span of 2 years. Includes reviews of “Fish!”, “The Alchemist”, “Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience”, and “Who moved my cheese”, etc

  • Bringing Passion to your Workplace – Created a 3 hours session in Satyam to encourage the teams to energize their workplace using the Fish! philosophies – facilitated this session monthly in the induction programs at SLC 

  • Creating Behavioral Trainers

    • Initiated a creative idea of mentoring & certifying a chosen group of employees (mostly project leads and managers) with certain prerequisites, as behavioral trainers
    • Aided in increased trainer bandwidth in the organization; and in accessing scalability across larger groups of the organization, while adding onto the brand building of the training team and its initiatives in WIPRO 
    • Encouraged the interest and passion in these candidates, administered selection procedures, and helped them nurture others and excel over a period of time.
    • Designed a process, planned, and implemented the pilot run in training over 20 candidates in particular modules, by taking them through an intensive course
    • Coached them on facilitation skills and helped master the tips of training

    Certified Fitness Trainer Professional as well as Sports Nutrition Certified Consultant by Better Fitness for You (BFY) Mumbai


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