the more we read… the more we learn…
the more we grow… the more we succeed!

“Excellence – Success – Happiness”
When one excels, one becomes successful; When one is successful, one feels happy; When one is happy, one excels more!

Excellence can be comprised of 3 components :

  • Individual excellence : to excel in your individual contributions
  • Interpersonal excellence : to excel in conversations and while working with others
  • Team excellence : to work together and excel as a team

The Volume 1 and Volume 2 of “You have the Power” have articles written by Revathi comprising of techniques that help to develop and enhance one’s individual, interpersonal, and team excellence.

The quotations penned down in “Unlock” are the key to trigger your thoughts in the various facets of excellence, success, and happiness!

You Have the Power – Volume 1

You Have the Power – Volume 2

Unlock – Tinker your Thoughts